Finally! 25 Best Racing Games for Android & iOS 2021

25 Best Racing Games Android

Bringing you the Top 25 Racing games

Bringing you the Top 25 Racing games for Android & iOS. Itching to put that pedal to the metal?

I’VE GOT YOU!!! Car Stunt Races Mega RampsJump, drift, and crash in this physics-based game that takes racing to the next level. Enjoy the open free mode where you can drive to your heart’s content and complete the seemingly impossible challenges. Discover crazy modes such as jump, soccer, and bowling.

Grid Autosport

This game from Feral Interactive brings unmatched racing gameplay to mobile devices. Choose between three control options, as you hone your skills starting with casual races to insane challenges.

Several Games

Several games modes such as Endurance, StreetRaces, Open-Wheel, and more are available. Sonic RacingWe all know that Sonic can run, but can he race? Take control of Sonic, or another character from the well-known universe, and see how they fare behind the wheel.

Complete single-player challenges and trap and attack your opponents in multiplayer races. Crash of CarsYour car will be destroyed. How many crowns can you get before total annihilation?

This fun action-packed game comes with eight multiplayer maps, a leaderboard system, more than 70 different vehicles, at least 30 car skins, and single-player modes to play at your own pace.

25 Best Racing Games for Android & iOS
25 Best Racing Games for Android & iOS

Stunning Graphics Games

Moto Rider Go Highway Traffic It’s just you and your bike against others. Dodge other vehicles as you race across various locations such as a highway or the autobahn. Choose from different bike types, complete hardcore challenges, and unlock more than 20 unique achievements.

Stunning graphics, too! Hot Wheels UnlimitedA racing game with track building features, this Budge Studios creation allows you to design the craziest courses. Complete various challenges such as drifting, fast driving, and don’t forget about the puzzles.

F1 Mobile Racing

Collect items, unlock new vehicles, and compete against a friend! F1 Mobile RacingThis officially licensed F1-based game from Codemasters will bring you as close as possible to the real thing. Customize your car, play against famous F1pilots and fellow players in real-time multiplayer.

Don’t let the amazing graphics distract you from the big prize! CSR RacingDrag racing fun comes to your mobile device. The game features an impressive collection of more than 100 licensed vehicles that you can customize and upgrade.


More than 130 million players have downloaded it already. What are you waiting for? Horizon Chase – World TourHow about some classic racing fun? This 16-bit graphics game takes inspiration from the great arcade games of the 90s.

Race through various environments and enjoy the beautiful scenery. More than 20 cars, upgrading options, and multiplayer action await you. Hill Climb RacingWith millions of players, this classic racing game released in 2012 is still going strong.

Discover physics-based gameplay, unlock more than 30 customizable vehicles, enjoy offline play, and guide Newton Bill through more than30 stages that have unlimited replayability. Need for Speed No LimitsProbably the best-known racing title of all time,

this Electronic Arts creation is specially made for mobile devices. It features a wide range of customizable cars from famous manufacturers such as McLaren and Lamborghini and fast-paced action on more than 1,000 exciting race tracks.

Dirt Trackin 2If

Dirt Trackin 2If you are a fan of dirt races, this game is a must. It comes with all the features of the original game and something on the side. Take part in time trials, complete the career mode, and test your skills against other players in online races.

Mario Kart TourA Nintendo classic especially designed for mobile play. Play with Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and other characters from the beloved universe in various game modes and multiplayer races that support up to eight drivers.

Unlock more vehicles

Unlock more vehicles as you play and complete the bonus challenges. Virtually Live Formula E Ghost RacingAre you a fan of electric cars? This is the game that lets you experience formula E racing action. The gameplay includes Gen 2 vehicles,

Collectible cars that support upgrades, Season 4 and 5 races, attack mode, live in-game commentary, and multiplayer action. Grand Prix StoryDo you have what it takes to manage a racing team? Scout for the best drivers, attract sponsors to support your team and go for the first place.

This cute pixel-art game is a great choice if you are looking for a casual racing experience. Dirt Bike UnchainedAre you into moto races and dirt bikes? Red Bull Apps brings a stunning racing game to your mobile device.

Collect more than 20 bikes, test your skills in challenges, and team up with up to 24 players for amazing prices. Driving School Sim 2020This game lets you test the newest cars whether they have manual or automatic transmission.


Take the car of your dreams for a drive invarious environments such as cities, deserts, mountains. Don’t forget that you can race against fellow players as well. Demolition Derby 3DWhat’s more fun than racing? Crashing into your opponent’s car!

It’s not about who’s the fastest, it’s about who’s the strongest but also smartest. This game features realistic car crashes, amazing graphics completed by sound effects, and more than 40 fun events. Offroad OutlawsOff-road racing and trucks come to your mobile device.

Set up Vehicle

Set up your vehicle by choosing the suspension type, steer, wheel control, and more. Take it for a test drive on open-world maps and see what it can do in stunt parks. Multiplayer included! Turbo StarsA kids-friendly game that can also be a great choice for adults

looking for casual racing gameplay. Choose a track and start competing against others. Don’t let the obstacles stop you as you go for the finish line. Will you be the first to cross it?

Rally Fury Extreme RacingHow about a high-speed rally game that comes with controller support? Do you have the skills to beat the timer in modes and other gamers in multiplayer races?

Collect vehicles, customize them, set up your favorite controls, and hit the gas pedal! Boomerang Make and RaceScooby Doo, Penelope Pitstop,

Ballerina Happo and other beloved cartoon characters meet in this family-friendly racing game. Customize your car with the wheels, paint, body, and accessories of your choice.


Compete on various tracks and see if you can unlock the bonus levels! Mad Skills Motocross 2This side-scrolling racing game comes with a lot of content. You have the customization feature that lets you design the bike of your dreams,

Weekly competitions against other players, PvP versus modes, many diverse tracks of varying difficulty, and great moto physics. Beach Buggy Racing 2A cute racing game with adorable graphics, this Vector Unit production challenges you to explosive kart racing action.

Recruit drivers, collect and upgrade vehicles as you go, and complete challenges on non-traditional courses such as pirate ships and alien labs. Asphalt 9 LegendsThe latest installment in this long-standing racing series brings you a unique gaming experience.

Get behind the wheel of your dream car – but a Lamborghini, Porsche, and more – and immerse yourself in console-like racing action on your mobile device. Seen something you like?

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